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Hi I'm Deyla! I am wedding and lifestyle photographer, a dreamer, passionate about love, a mother of two pretty amazing kids, completely in love with my husband, pug lover, driven, romance fanatic, laugh loud, and hug tightly.  

I have been priveleged to photograph over 100 weddings and thousands of Portraits. I have been honored to be a part of so many lives and get to know all of these lovely people. I believe each story is it's own with real, intimate moments and I capture these in a beautifully classic way.

I would love to get to know you, meet you and hear your story and in turn make some beautiful imagery for you to have forever.

Thank you for taking the time to view my work and I look forward to hearing from you! 

Deyla has photographed Weddings all around the US such as Florida, Illinois, Georgia, New York, Washington, California and of course her home state Oregon. You can find her work featured on many online wedding blogs such as Style Me Pretty, Wedding Chicks, Style Unveiled, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Brides Magazine and The Knot. 

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Portland Marina Family Portraits | Williams Family

I do love a Portland marina family portrait session! and this family braved the wind and sprinkles that chilly Portland day.Being commissioned by another Photographer  is always a bit nerve racking but always an honor as well. The lovely momma in this shoot is just that, a local photographer and she has two very sweet rambunctious boys that want to run and be boys and so we shall do just that and sneak in a few of mom and dad along the way :)

Here are some of my faves from their session…

6 DEY_7362 DEY_7398Marina Family Portraits Deyla Huss Photography DEY_7410 5 2 DEY_7546 DEY_7529 DEY_7520 DEY_7507 DEY_7493 DEY_7491 DEY_7468 4 3 Marina Family Portraits Deyla Huss Photography

April 28, 2014 - 7:20 pm Sarah - We love these (and you!) so very much!!! xoxox

Portland Maternity Portraits | Roselyn

I know I have said it before but I absolutely adore photographing this beautiful time in an expecting mother’s life and their family’s lives as well. And I absolutely loved getting to know Roselyn and her beautiful story.  Roselyn wanted simple but beautiful portraits of her pregnancy in the studio and I didn’t want a lot going on in the backdrop for this, I wanted the photos to focus on her and this beautiful moment for her. I get asked a lot about when I shoot in studio, Are you using studio lighting for these? and the answer is I never use studio lighting because I love using as much natural light given to me as possible. There is nothing wrong with studio lighting, in fact I know some very talented  photographers in Portland that primarily use studio lighting, but for me, its never been the style and feel of the sessions I love to photograph. And Roselyn wanted just that, soft natural light and I’m lucky to shoot in a studio that gives me enough of this delicious light.

Roselyn made her session a big deal because it is a BIG DEAL. Unless you’re Kim Kardashian, how many times do you actually have professional photos taken of you? I always recommend choosing outfits that make you feel beautiful as well as comfortable for maternity, loose fitting chiffon dresses are always recommended as well as hair & makeup professionally done, because why not pamper yourself?

Well Roselyn did exactly that and had fun with her outfits and brought in 3 different beautiful outfits.  Jennifer from Face Body Beauty came in and pamper her with makeup and hair. She looked absolutely stunning and felt gorgeous and that is the goal I strive for any Portrait session.

Here are some of my favorites from her Maternity Portrait Session in the studio:

Deyla Huss Photography Portland Maternity Photographer Deyla Huss Photography Portland Maternity Photographer Deyla Huss Photography Portland Maternity Photographer Deyla Huss Photography Portland Maternity Photographer www.deylahussphotography.comDeyla Huss Photography Portland Maternity Photographer www.deylahussphotography.comDeyla Huss Photography Portland Maternity Photographer Deyla Huss Photography Portland Maternity Photographer Deyla Huss Photography Portland Maternity Photographer Deyla Huss Photography Portland Maternity Photographer Deyla Huss Photography Portland Maternity Photographer Deyla Huss Photography Portland Maternity Photographer Deyla Huss Photography Portland Maternity Photographer Deyla Huss Photography Portland Maternity Photographer Deyla Huss Photography Portland Maternity Photographer


Washington Park Anniversary Portraits | Christina & Kyle

What better way to celebrate one another then having a portrait session just for the two of you!

These two cuties wanted to celebrate their 5 year wedding anniversary photographing in Washington Park with a romantic picnic. So fun! I love that they wanted to incorporate things from their wedding such as this little stool they bought as a decor item for their wedding and pears were also a significant thing at their wedding as well. Ofcourse wine and cheeses and a baguette added to the romantic picnic also! they also brought their sweet pup to the shoot.  We lucked out since it was a tad muddy around the park still from the rain, I found a gorgeous magnolia tree to be a nice setting for their picnic and I couldn’t have been happier about that!

Happy 5 year anniversary Christina & Kyle! it was truly an honor photographing this time for you both!

Washington Park Portrait Wedding Photographer DEY_7292 DEY_7284 Deyla Huss Photography DEY_7249 DEY_7269 DEY_7242 5 4 3 DEY_7190 DEY_7196 DEY_7182 DEY_7207 6 2 1 DEY_7351 DEY_7358 DEY_7325 DEY_7350

April 18, 2014 - 6:13 pm A celebration in deed - My Portland Photographer - [...] You can see the rest of their portraits on my blog!  Christina & Kyle Anniversary Portraits [...]

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Im SUPER excited to announce our giveaway this morning!  Sometimes our readers get to take advantage of a cool giveaway and I’m honored to be able to do this with lovely items from such designers as the lovely Tessa Kim!

Heres what you need to do to enter:


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Hillsboro Newborn Photographer | Baby D



I love getting a call from a brand new client saying they want soft intimate lifestyle imagery for their portraiture session. They moved up here from California and have no family up here so what better way to let their family and friends step into their lives but by showing them portraits of a day in the life adjusting to parenthood and a new beautiful baby boy. People ask me all the time, what are your favorite type of portrait sessions when it comes to families and kidos? I love when families PLAY with their children and interact with them for their photos, Im not a traditional portrait photographer and try to steer away from the more traditional shots of families and babies. I love to watch brand new families interact with their newborns and work together when taking care of them, It is so beautiful to watch and photograph this time in their lives. Here are some from their session…

Deyla Huss Photography Newborn PortraitDeyla Huss Photography Newborn Portrait Deyla Huss Photography Newborn Portrait

She nurses and he burps… See what I mean about working together :)

Deyla Huss Photography Newborn Portrait Deyla Huss Photography Newborn Portrait Deyla Huss Photography Newborn Portrait Deyla Huss Photography Newborn Photographer Deyla Huss Photography Newborn Photography Deyla Huss Photography Newborn Portrait Deyla Huss Photography Deyla Huss Photography Lifestyle Photographer Deyla Huss Photography Newborn Portrait Deyla Huss Photography Newborn Portrait Deyla Huss Photography Newborn Portrait Deyla Huss Photography Newborn Portrait

Staying true to my photographic style and watching the Notebook way too much!

I had gone back and forth on writing this post for a while but I thought it would be good to get it out there if not for myself but for others as well. I have been photographing weddings and portraits for 8 years now, wooooa did I just say 8 years? time flies! during those 8 years I have been trying to find my photographic style and finally LOVE that style and want to stick with it.

This is not just a job for me.

Its so easy now to find inspiration on social media of all kinds and fall into that “oh gosh I like that style, oh wait no I love this” and so on. I decided about 2 years ago to stay away from that sort of “searching to find my style” mentality and just start shooting and playing with my ideas and my art.

I cannot tell you what a difference it has made in my way of thinking out a session before photographing it… HUGE!

Now it comes down to the difficult part, and it truly is difficult I’ll be honest. I will have an inquiry for a wedding or portrait session and sometimes they will describe what they are looking for as a completely different style of what I portray or at least what I thought I was portraying. As I listen to them saying “I love those photos with the real high contrast look” or as they show me a shot from a different photographer and say “I really love this shot, can you do something like this?” It takes me a little bit to realize they are describing someone else and hoping I can just mimic that style. I ask you.. why? why not hire that photographer that you obviously love? Sure I know I can photograph it and edit those shots the way you want exactly, JUST like that other photographer, but will it make me happy and you as well? probably not. Enjoying what I’m doing is why I started this venture in my life, Why give up on myself and my artistic style? I have had the difficult time turning down a session or wedding because of each of these scenarios letting them know I felt I wouldn’t be a good fit for them. Because of that not only will they be happier going with someone that fits their style, so will I.

Staying true to you photographic style is something that took me a few years to figure out but I feel I am on the right track now. I am getting inquiries from prospective couples that say they absolutely love my work and most importantly me as a person and trust me to produce gorgeous imagery for their wedding day… they love my photographic style. I am blessed beyond words to know that each couple I work with throughout their planning process is not only a client that hired me for me, but someone I have become friends with over the months as well.  Why would you want to hire someone to photograph such an intimate day and not truly trust they will produce the imagery you are wanting for your wedding or portraits?

Wine Country Wedding Photographer

I am truly passionate about what I do, so it has been difficult not to photograph everything and anything Im asked to by a prospective client. Each inquiry I receive, whether it be portrait or wedding, I make sure I get to know them a bit better and ensure we are a good fit by asking them a few questions about their day and what they are hoping for in their session/wedding. Next I love to set up either a phone call or have them meet with me over coffee for another round of getting to know you and hearing your love story.  Does this take a lot of time?  I know a lot of photographers think its taking a lot of time and to just book it already! Well I truly believe its better in the long run and completely worth it to spend a little extra time with those newly engaged or expecting mothers booking a portrait session.

I know my clients have appreciated it!

With each session or wedding I give each client the attention they deserve to ensure a beautiful return for them and myself. I book a limited amount of weddings each year, 14 to be exact, so I can spend more time on each individual couple. And I book a limited amount of portrait sessions a month for the same reason.

Seattle Maternity Photographer

What would I say my style is? in a nut shell, I aim for the more romantic, soft, fresh, dreamy if you will. I attract couples who are completely in love with one another and show that in a photograph. Im not a traditional photographer, I get excited for those real moments such as when your new husband walks you out in a field or down the street and he just can’t stop staring at his beautiful wife and simply stops in the midst of everything and pulls his bride in for a kiss or simply to look at her some more.

Call me a sucker for romance, or maybe I just watch the notebook to much! HA!

Happiness shows in a photograph and I don’t miss the opportunity to capture that for you.

Private Estate Wedding Photography

If you are looking for someone to photograph your wedding or portrait session but found inspiration from other styles of work, don’t settle for someone that you know deep down you

will not love the results from, hire that photographer that truly emphasizes you and that you would be proud to hang those beautiful images on your walls.

I can’t wait to hear about your story and photograph these monumental times in your lives!

Portland Portrait Photographer

Have a beautiful week!  xoxo


Newborn & Nursery Portraits | Wiley Family

Oh this little one gave his parents an early arrival because he decided it was time for some cuddling and loving on his family. Weighing only a hair over 4 lbs, he is such a tiny little guy, you could hold him in your hands and he would almost fit perfectly. I couldn’t get over how fragile and sweet he is and how much in love his parents and fur sister were with him. Watching new parents is so amazing, how they help each other change a diaper or put on a change of clothes or feed him and the task of adjustment to caring for such a beautiful life.  It is such a beautiful experience and I was honored to photograph this time for them. Now As you will notice there are photos of the nursery, because it is really amazing! see Mandi is the co-owner of Champagne Wedding Coordination, so it didn’t surprise me when decor for the nursery was going to be as beautiful as it was. The proud parents hand made the drift wood sign for his name over the crib as well as the sweet chandelier/mobile hanging next to it. And I heard that painting stripes on the walls was not an easy task, I only know this as I had attempted to do this in my daughters bedroom, and well lets just say her room is now one solid color ;)

Feast your eyes on this sweet family!


DEY_5203Newborn Portraits Fine Art Newborn Portland Lifestyle Photographer Deyla Huss Photography Deyla Huss PhotographyNewborn Photographer Newborn Portraits Deyla Huss Photography Newborn- Deyla Huss Photography Nautical nursery Nautical Nursery design Deyla Huss Photography Portland Photographer Portland Family Photographer Deyla Huss Deyla Huss Newborn Portraits

Fashion Photographer | Tessa Kim 2014 Intimates Look Book

What can I say I am in love with photographing beautiful things such as these pretties! I was honored to be asked to photograph a 2014 Look Book for Tessa Kim’s new Intimates Line at the studio in December, I mean seriously she has some amazing pieces and Im pretty sure I want to buy each piece from her new line! especially the lace!! yummy!  You can see another shoot we did in Seattle to see more of her lovelies HERE.

She tailored  this years line towards brides and I know there will be a ton of happy brides out there! Speaking of that, she is having a $200 giveaway right now featured by Green Wedding Shoes so hurry up and go enter HERE  to get some gorgeous new pieces!!

Photographer: Deyla Huss Photography

Designer: Tessa Kim

Model: Nicole Miller with Option Models

MUA: Jessica Belknapp

Chairs and Lanterns: Classic Vintage Rentals

Portland Fashion Photographer Deyla Huss Photography Deyla Huss Photography Fashion Photography Option Model Portland Bridal Photographer Bridal Lace Deyla Huss Deyla Huss Photography Deyla Huss Photography Bridal Robe Wedding Photography Portland



January 31, 2014 - 12:30 am Tiffany Farley - Such gorgeous work!

Sunset Photographer-couples in love | Samantha & Kiley

I have to piece this session out into sections because it was a rather large group and and several couples, children, etc.. SUCH an amazing family! So I can’t wait to share each and every one of them! but first I would like to share this very special couple, having photos taken of you as a couple and well simply in love? why not! I think couples should do this more and celebrate each other. It doesn’t have to be an anniversary or a birthday or an engagement, it can really be anything and well just because! After getting lots of family photos, Grandma came out and took the kids so mom and dad could get a break and just be together and of course watch the sun go down! Gorgeous evening, Perfect light, amazing couple! can’t get better then that really!  So here is Part I of the Rand/Walker Fam session I did a while back. Enjoy! :)

10 Engagement Photographer Deyla Huss Photography Deyla Huss Photography Wedding Photographer Sunset Engagement Portraits Couples in Love Deyla Huss Photography Engagement Photography Country Engagement Portraits

Columbia Gorge Engagement session | Liza & Jonathan

As you know Oregon Weather is unpredictable all the time  at times, so that usually means we have to tough it out in the rain, wind, cold most of the year. Well that did not stop Liza & Jonathan and I from hiking up to Horse trail falls and having some fun in the rain! There is something about the warmth of their love for eachother that comforts the moody outlook of the afternoon. They both enjoy geocaching up in the woods or Portland’s eccentric neighborhoods which is why we decided that Horse Trail Falls off of the Old Columbia Gorge Highway was a perfect backdrop for their engagement Portraits!

She makes him laugh with her silliness and she thinks he has stellar eyebrows HA!  they enjoy playing games together such as scrabble which played a roll in the afternoon affair. I couldn’t be more excited for their wedding in September this year at The Edgefield, it fits them perfectly! Love you guys!

Deyla Huss Photography Deyla Huss Photography Deyla Huss PhotographyColumbia Gorge Engagement Session by Deyla Huss Photography Columbia Gorge Engagement Session by Deyla Huss Photography Deyla Huss Photography Columbia Gorge Engagement Session by Deyla Huss Photography Columbia Gorge Engagement Session by Deyla Huss Photography Columbia Gorge Engagement Session by Deyla Huss Photography Columbia Gorge Engagement Session by Deyla Huss Photography Columbia Gorge Engagement Session by Deyla Huss Photography Columbia Gorge Engagement Session by Deyla Huss Photography Columbia Gorge Engagement Session by Deyla Huss Photography