February 1, 2018

Oregon Columbia Gorge Engagement Photo | Chelsea & Spencer


Columbia Gorge Engagement Portraits Sunset Photography

Gah I love Oregon, I truly do! I love couples that are willing to go on a little adventure and climb to the top of a hill and soak it all in.. to be in love… to enjoy one another.. with no interruptions other then that soft kiss on your shoulder or a gentle touch on the small of your back. I mean seriously, to have an excuse to have your love photographed in such beauty is truly the way to be. I took Chelsea and Spencer to a favorite spot of mine on the Columbia Gorge to photograph their engagement session photos and every time I go back, I try and find new spots to photograph and its never ending at this stunning local.

These two were so easy to photograph because they just enjoyed each other, laughed, kissed, and I am completely honored to be your wedding photographer this summer! Can’t wait!

Makeup and Hair by Jennifer with Face Body Beauty

Columbia Gorge Engagement Photo Photographer Columbia Gorge Engagement Photo Photographer Columbia Gorge Engagement Photo Photographer Columbia Gorge Engagement Photo Photographer Columbia Gorge Engagement Portraits Sunset Photography

Kayleen : 21:22 February 1, 2018
Stunning photos! You truly captured amazing pictures that they will get to share and enjoy for the rest of their lives!
Karina Vegarra : 00:30 February 2, 2018
The cutest couple around! That spot on the Gorge is absolutely amazing, great spot!
Brit : 00:35 February 2, 2018
Such beautiful pictures!!
Chelsea Andrews : 00:40 February 2, 2018
Wow those photos are gorgeous! They look amazing together, I love all the candid cute moments captured
Madisyn Alexander : 00:41 February 2, 2018
Chelsea & Spencer, You both are so naturally gorgeous! These pictures are so warm and compassionate, I'm glad I was able to finally view them! I can't wait to see you marry each other and start your lives together :-) Sincerely, Maddimoo
Caitie Milligan : 03:28 February 2, 2018
Stunning! I love the scenery and the lighting is perfect! They are a wonderful couple!
Jana Ingrim : 16:36 February 2, 2018
What amazing pictures! The photographer truly captured their love for each other in a gorgeous setting!
Diane Cumiskey : 16:45 February 2, 2018
These photos speak volumes about the journey these two have experienced so far! Their love for each other is highlighted in these spectacular photos in the Columbia Gorge! Blessings are flowing from the sky,through the mountains and shimmering off the Columbia River! Amen!
Brenna : 01:43 February 3, 2018
Such a beautiful couple! Love love love!
Cynthia Lilly : 18:53 February 3, 2018
We are so excited for Chelsea and Spencer’s wedding. And delighted that you are the photographer. Their engagement photos are gorgeous! They perfectly capture their spirit!
louisa : 19:33 February 3, 2018
Beautiful photos, their love has been captured wonderfully ?
Jim Alexander : 18:58 February 4, 2018
So beautiful!! Can’t wait for the wedding and to celebrate Chelsea and Spencer’s marriage !!

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